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Targeted training that transforms car wash managers and teams.

Relevant, flexible and effective, LEAD training builds a stronger culture to achieve greater success.

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LEAD is the ground-breaking new online manager training program from International Carwash Association®.

This robust online learning program has been designed specifically for the needs of car wash managers – giving your team the tools to communicate more effectively and make better decisions.

LEAD training helps managers understand and build a stronger business culture, with real results:
  • Increase retention to reduce your turnover costs
  • Improve employee engagement and performance
  • Attract more top performers to your team
  • Improve your bottom line

The employee talent pool, like the car wash industry, has never been more competitive. Providing professional development opportunities to your team will help you attract and retain top talent.

Using LEAD's standardized, car wash-specific training gives owners the freedom to focus on what matters most: growing your business and creating outstanding experiences for your customers!

Validated and tested with some of the car wash industry's leading companies.

LEAD provides consistent, high-quality and car wash-specific training, within a flexible learning system, that helps car wash managers, teams and organizations succeed.

LEAD is based on a proven learning management platform that has been successful at more than 20,000 retail store customers like Culver’s and TGI Fridays. We took the proven tool and learning methodology and customized everything to create a car wash specific platform to drive learning outcomes.


Here are just some of the companies seeing the power of LEAD:

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"No one covers leadership training better than LEAD. This is more comprehensive than anything else out there." 

Nicholas Lopez; Owner, Bubble Bath Car Wash

"Leadership training is one of our largest gaps and LEAD fills this gap. Now I have the tools to build the skills of my future managers and supervisors."
Julie Petty; Owner, H2WOW Car Wash
“My employees liked the flexibility of LEAD which allowed them to train anytime, anywhere.”

Michael Timmer; COO, Wash U Car Wash

LEAD Helps Build Your Team in Four Specific Ways:


Car Wash Specific

Designed for the needs of car wash businesses

ICA worked with top-performing car wash managers and owners to observe, identify and organize the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful car wash manager. The resulting content provides a tailored learning path suitable for new and experienced managers.



Easy-to-use and mobile-friendly

interface that allows learners to participate anywhere and anytime. LEAD can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, allowing managers to complete courses at the time and place that's most convenient to them – even away from the car wash.



Track employee progress and certification

Receive an ICA industry credential for successful completion. Owners or supervisors can monitor learners' progress through coursework, and engage in the learning process with interactive check-ins. Also, managers will be issued credentials for each learning program they complete, culminating in the new ICA endorsed ICA Certified Car Wash Manager™ credential, adding recognition and prestige to their accomplishment.


Fast ROI

New skills can be immediately used on the job

LEAD empowers your employees with key skills and competencies they can leverage on the job immediately. With regular onboarding calls, we can have your team up and running in days - not weeks or months.

Take your training beyond the theories

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Each course includes full online training as well as hands-on practical application work to help you track progress and put your manager’s skills to the test in real world environments.

LEAD features dynamic learning modules and interactive assignments. Upon passing the final exam, the learner earns ICA's new Talent Management Credential from Credly, the world leader in professional achievement verification.

Dollars & Sense

LEAD is available for purchase in two options:

Want to offer LEAD's fully developed car wash manager content right away? We'll get you up and running fast and easy, for immediate returns.

Want to create greater value by augmenting the LEAD content with your existing training content, or the ability to customize the look and features of a robust learning management system? Then let's have a conversation so we can build a customized solution.

Twenty-two (22) Talent Management Courses


  • Available immediately
  • Unlimited users and access
  • Priced per store for the company
  • Renew, upgrade or cancel after 1 year
  • Earn the Talent Management credential
Customized Learning Platform

Starts at $3,000

  • Integrated system to track training and HR functions
  • Customized and branded for your car wash
  • Advanced reporting features to track employee progress
  • Easy to use content creation and authoring tools

Why International Carwash Association?

International Carwash Association® followed a rigorous and validated process to understand all facets of the car wash manager and metrics for success. We selected a proven learning management system that has been successful at more than 20,000 retail store customers. We incorporated an industry-first credential and certification component, enhancing learner value and recognition through the ICA brand. Finally, ICA built an on-staff educational competency and dedicated the resources necessary to sustain and improve LEAD for the long-term. There is no other product in the car wash industry that features all of these advantages.

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